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How Does Nutrition Affect My Hormones?

Our current American diet is a top contributor to hormone imbalance. Sugar, starchy carbohydrates, fast food, and ultra-processed foods, lead to issues such as weight gain, mood issues, fatigue, accelerated aging and above all, increased disease risk.

The top 4 hormones which are frequently out of balance

Common symptoms:

When estrogen is dominant, you may experience anxiety, irregular periods, irritability, fibroids, and fibrocystic breasts.

Common symptoms:

Low progesterone can result in infertility, depression, insomnia, bloating, and shortened menstrual cycles.

Common symptoms:

When insulin becomes too high, it can cause symptoms of blurry vision, increased cravings of carbohydrates, headaches, and increased thirst.

Common symptoms:

When cortisol is out of balance, symptoms may include weight gain in face, increased belly fat, sleep issues, and extreme sensitivity.

How I Can Help You Balance Hormones


Gut Healing

It all begins in the gut. When your gut lining and microbiome (communities of bacteria) are impaired, the gut bacteria that metabolize estrogens is affected. We will work together using lifestyle treatments, such as better sleep, gut-healing foods, exercise, stress management, probiotics and supplements where appropriate.


Nutrition Protocols and Recipes

Personalized nutrition plan designed around your current lifestyle, daily schedule, favorite foods, and future goals.


Customized Guidance

Every health situtation is completely different. I'm here to provide you with accountability, support, and extra guidance when needed. All based on your current health needs and goals.

It's Time to Return to Health

Are you ready to stop letting your hormone symptoms control your life?

Schedule your 30-minute Discovery Call to start your path to healing.
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