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How to eat healthy on SNAP

The food system in America is full of fatal flaws.

One being limited access to healthy and quality foods in lower-income areas.

According to a geographic analysis, there are 2.4 fast-food restaurants per mile in low-income neighborhoods vs.1.5 restaurants in more affluent areas.

If you are finding it hard to eat healthy with minimal income and benefits, the following tips will help you eat more nourishing and wholesome foods.


Buy frozen fruits and veggies:

Frozen fruits and veggies are often more nutritious as they are picked and quickly frozen, which retains more nutrients. Also, there is less waste vs. fresh, as you can take out only what you plan to consume each meal.


Go meatless 2-3 times a week:

Meat is usually the most expensive part of the meal. Omitting meat is budget-friendly and also allows you to get more veggies into your diet.


Beans + rice = a complete protein:

When eaten together, beans and rice contain all nine essential amino acids, to form a complete protein. A favorite in our home is a bowl of rice, topped with black beans, and no-sugar added, jarred salsa. All ingredients can be purchased at Aldi for major savings.


Eat less:

As Americans, we are eating 23% more foods than we did in 1970. This is mostly due to snacking. When you choose more nutrient-rich foods, over ultra-processed foods, you will find you are more satiated throughout the day.


Download receipt reward apps:

Apps such as Ibotta and Fetch, accept receipts where SNAP was used for payment. Rack up those points and cash them in for gift cards (or actual cash) to be used for gas or household items.


Keep an eye out for future posts on budget-friendly, healthy recipes!

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